Chelsea Lawrence
Photography Fields of focus: Weddings & Engagements, Newborns, Families, Seniors, VIP Live Events, Corporate Headshots.


When meeting Chelsea, the first thing you will notice is her big warm smile and bubbly nature.  She strives to be “cheerful and flexible,” especially when trying to meet client needs. She is very easy going and loves to meet new people. She seeks to be a bright-shining light in this dark & confusing world. Because of this, she is a blessing to all who get the chance to work with her behind the camera, capturing/filming their wedding day or photo-session.  

An interest in photography began for Chelsea, at the very young age of 6, when she received her first polaroid camera.  She has diligently pursued both film and photography throughout the years, and it grew into a passion and ultimately a career. One of the many things that is unique and special about hiring Chelsea as your photographer/videographer, is that she not only has “an eye” for it and extensive training, but experience on both sides of the camera. She knows the best angles of the body from her years in dance and 10 years modeling & acting. Chelsea is very active in the fashion industry across the country and can frequently be found at a fashion gala or walking the runway.  She also models live on national shopping networks; has been seen on numerous book covers across the country in Barnes and Noble, and graced many magazine pages, both nationally and internationally. She is also active in the film and TV industry, having worked on dozens of major motion pictures and TV shows between LA, Minnesota, and Texas.

Not only is she a flourishing creative artist in the Twin Cities, with a background in a variety of artistic endeavors, but she is also well-educated with a Bachelor's degree from University of Northwestern – St. Paul as well as an Associates from Rasmussen College. 

Her Photography philosophy and style is about capturing perfect expressions of love through the real and candid moments. It’s what’s in-between the posed-pictures that is truly beautiful. Chelsea wants her clients to feel as comfortable as possible -- almost so they forget she is there -- allowing her to capture true human interaction, in documentary style. She believes "Life is fast and life is fragile," and by taking the time to capture the beautiful moments in another's journey, while also making them feel comfortable and fully themselves in the process, is what is important.

When she is not working behind the camera, her hobbies include music (writing, preforming, creating playlists for friends and learning new instruments), dance, hunting for the newest fashion trends, scouting out the best travel deals, and catching up with friends.  Her favorite spot to relax is her family lake house in Lake Pepin. You can find her riding her bike to her favorite fishing spot, sitting by a bonfire, watching or photographing the sunset off the pier and going for late night swims. 

Personality traits: warm & friendly, confident, creative, flexible, positive, self-motivated.

Here are a few of Chelsea's Engagement | Wedding Samples: