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Proofing & Ordering


Client Proofing, & Printing 


Proofing & Ordering


Client Proofing, & Printing 


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Custom Printing Services

Custom Printing Services

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Phoenix Memories
Professional Printing Services

We offer a variety of full-service, professional printing options for our clients, which are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  If you were expecting to simply get a USB of edited images from us, then you haven't experienced the joy of working with a five-star client care photography company.  We treat every client as a V.I.P and that is why we have so many options that will allow you to get that personalized next-level client care you deserve -- including custom photo album designing services, canvases, stand-out prints, metal prints and sooooooo much more!  



Gorgeous custom wedding albums starting at $600, which are the truest high-quality and tangible keepsake that fully represents your forever memories of your wedding day.  To start the process of customizing your beautiful wedding album, head on over to our Wedding Album Ordering Page, and let our custom album designers know exactly what you are looking for. We will be with you every step of the way.


Wedding Album Ordering By Phoenix Memories

Wedding Album Ordering By Phoenix Memories

Custom Wedding Album Information & Ordering

Your wedding album is going to be a keepsake you'll have the rest of your life, so let's make it amazing! There's a lot that goes into designing your album, so let's do some leg-work here before we get started. All of our custom wedding albums start at $600 and include album designing, proofing, heirloom gift box, 20 pages (10 spreads) & free shipping. You can customize it your way, by completing the form below. Expect 4-6 weeks after final proofing approval, for delivery.

Step One: Select your favorite images within your gallery

First things first, go through your Phoenix Memories gallery and decide on your favorite 80-100 images. You can simply click the "heart icon" within the gallery (right side, just under cover photo) to save your favorite images. Our designer will use these images as inspiration and try to use as many of them as they can. It is important to have a design that is well-rounded and tells the story of your wedding through the different parts of the day. When selecting your favorites, try to select images from the get ready pictures, bridal party photos, couple photos, ceremony, family pictures, details, reception and dancing.  

Step Two: Decide how many spreads you'd like

All books come with a base of 10 spreads (20 pages). Additional spreads can be added in groups of 5 spreads (10 pages) for an additional cost of $250.

Step Three: Inset Cover Photo

What is an inset cover photo? It's a photo that appears on the cover of your book but instead of being printed on top of the book, it is inserted into the cover. You can choose any photo you'd like to be on the cover, just specify this in the appropriate section in the order form.

See the photo of the sample album for clarification of an inset cover photo. 

Step Four: Decide what kind of cover material  you would like for your Album

Here are the following options for casings: 

from left to right:
(1) Leather (Black Alligator, Dark Brown Alligator, Dark Red Alligator, Black Leather, Dark Brown Leather, White Leather, and Dark Red Leather options).
(2) Vintage Leather (Charcoal, Camel, Saddle, and Aviator.
(3) Premium Leather (Black and White).
(4) Suede (Rustic Red, Burnt Orange, Cream, Olive Green, Midnight Blue)
(5) Faux Leather - animal free (Black, Brown, Tan, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Aqua, Ocean Blue, Red, Orange, Lime Green, and Pink.
(6) Mineral Collection (Graphite, Copper, Sapphire, Jade, and Gold.)
(7) Floral Fabric (Black, Bronze, Champagne, Platinum, and White.)
(8) Fabric (Black, Tan, Chocolate Brown, Grey, Teal, Sage, Baby Pink, and Baby Blue.)

Step Five: Cover Imprinting

You have the option of putting two lines of text imprinting on the cover of your album for an additional charge of $75. Most couples opt to put their names and the date of the wedding. You're welcome to add anything you'd like, and I can let you know whether or not it would fit.

Examples are: "Jason & Michelle | October 12, 2016" or "Mr and Mrs Bridges | October 12, 2016."

Step 6: Order Form

No orders can be started until you complete an order form. This gives me the basis for what you'd like to order. Once the album is in the designing stage, if you want to add pages, you can do so at any point in the process. Once you've okayed the final design, nothing will be able to be changed or added.

Step 7: Reviews, Changes, and Final Approval

Once your album is designed, I will send you a PDF via email for your approval. If you have any changes to the design, they must be submitted in writing, via email, to me within 2 weeks. This process will continue until you give the final seal of approval. 

Step 8: Ordering, Shipping, and Final Payment

When the designing portion is complete, your book will be submitted for printing. The printing and shipping process can take up to 3-6 weeks. You'll be updated throughout the process (submission, completion, and shipping). This process takes this long because these books are carefully handmade and built to last a lifetime. Other printing companies print fast and cheap, which doesn't result in well-made keepsakes that will last forever. So be patient with the process, it's worth the wait!

Bride's name *
Bride's name
New last name if you've changed it or plan on changing it.
Phone *
Inset Cover Photo *
A Photo on the cover of the wedding album that is inset into the book.
Please write the 4 digit number associated with the image you want as your Inset Cover Photo. This image will be confirmed with you over email. If you do not want an Inset Cover Photo, please leave this line blank.
Cover Imprinting *
Choose up to two lines of text. Suggested: Couple's name and wedding date.
If you want Cover Imprinting, please write out what two lines of text you would like. Double check spelling as I will print what is written. If you do not want Cover Imprinting, please leave this line blank.
Please choose a material that will cover your album.
Please view the options above, in Step Four, to see which colors go with your Cover Material choice, and write it below.
Additional Options
Please choose the amount of spreads you would like in your album. All albums come with a base of 10 spreads (20 pages), but you can customize it to your specifications.
Parent albums can be purchased at a discounted rate. They are 15% off the total cost of the album, and must be identical to your album.
I have read and selected each portion of this form and verify this is my order *
The selected information is what I want for my wedding album! I understand that once my album goes into print, that I am not able to change these options. I understand that all sales are final, and that I am required to submit a non-refundable 50% deposit on this album, (once my client-care specialist sends me the album quote, and I sign the paperwork). I also understand that final payment is due on or before the time of my album delivery, which is within 3 months of time of order.