Dallas Smith
Photography Fields of focus: Weddings & Engagements, Families, Seniors, Film Stills (BTS) & VIP Events.


To think of Dallas is to think of pure poetry, grace, artistry and courage.  From her earliest ages she filled her life with photography, painting, sketching, watching classic films, devouring literature, and creating her own stories during the spaces in between.  Her father and grandmother always carried a camera, a book, and a sense of childlike wonder with them, andthe best times with family revolved around film and photography.   It was this time with them, and their inspiration and depth of life which taught her how to capture the beautiful scenes and moments that are often lost in the big picture.  She learned the importance of knowing how to slow the world down, focus, and see the little details ofstories unfolding all around.  "I saw how the world is a stage, a painting, a picture, a story that moves and evolves all around us, just waiting to be captured.  Moving through a day doesn't have to be a methodical race,  It can be a heartfelt journey." And that is exactly her style of photography . . . revealing life's journey, life's story through the lens of her camera.

This amazing perspective has helped her survive one of the biggest trials of her life, being diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 22.  "When you are faced with the possibility of death and mortality in your youth,  living becomes your only desire . . . taking photos was my only creative release during the dark times, and  helped me view life again in a positive, meaningful way which helped me focus on healing."   Now, many years later she is officially cancer-free, and continuing the same mindset she had back then, to keep that childlike wonder, and now she shares and captures other people's stories through the artistry of photography.  Each life is so precious, each milestone so meaningful -- the good, the hard, the joy, the pain . . . all are part of our stories.

Dallas has a list of valued credentials that she brings to our clients, as well.  She has a degree in Architecture,  as well as extensive studies in photography. For the last several years she has been on staff of the Twin Cities Film Festival (TCFF), managing teams of photographers  covering red carpet and V.I.P talent, film producers, directors, celebrities and attendees. She also understands what it is to work both behind, and in front of the camera, as she herself has been an actress, model and film still photographer on film sets, for many years. She has a very down-to-earth personality, is a calming force at photo-shoots and shows great care with her clients and team members.

She is honored to be able to capture your journey, as her client, and work with you in creating the moments you can cherish forever, through the life-giving art of photography.

Personality traits:  intuitive, creative, confident, passionate, peace-loving.

Here are a few of Dallas' Wedding Samples: