A boudoir shoot isn’t just about gorgeous photos, it’s a decision to say I am beautiful as I am. A new chapter in your life that says…I love who I am… I AM BEAUTIFUL.
— Boudoir International
 Photograph by: MJ Johnson, Phoenix Memories Makeup Artistry: Jessica Mae, Warpaint International Client: Katie

Photograph by: MJ Johnson, Phoenix Memories
Makeup Artistry: Jessica Mae, Warpaint International
Client: Katie


Unraveling The Taboo Of Boudoir Photography


Written By: Kelly Barry-Miller
Phoenix Memories
Creative Director | Photographer | Editor

I grew up in a conservative home, in a small lakeside village in Upstate NY, where modesty, purity and virtue were treasured, and embraced. It was a time of innocence, and carefree safety, never worrying about predators, or people with ill-intentions. So later on in life, when I found myself smack-dab in the middle of the Hollywood film industry, where you were applauded for showing skin, being sexual, and sexually open-minded was the norm, I found my two worlds violently colliding. It is easy to embrace purity when you have no opposition to it, but when opposition hits you right in the face, and you realize that at that moment you have two choices . . . bow down your own belief system, and give in to the peer-pressure to get the world at your beck-and-call, and be used along the way, through objectification . . .  or be a light-bearer, shedding light on the dark areas, standing firm on your beliefs - your foundation -  and turning all those areas that have been twisted and perverted for darkness, back into their original sacred and pure form.

For many of us, who grew up conservative, we also have to face, not only our understanding of purity - keeping and maintaining it -  but also, . . .  perhaps . . .  unravel and face a bit of unnecessary rigidity in what we think purity actually is. Guess what, after seeing and experiencing two completely opposite ends of the spectrum in my own life . . . one can still be pure and express yourself with your beloved in an uninhibited way, without being so rigid.  Part of who you are, is that part that is sexual.  Okay, I went ahead and said it.  Yes, you are also a sexual creature, but that is only one part of you, and many conservatives don't embrace this aspect of humanity, and in fact have become way too rigid with their partners, because of it. You are one who should feel fully confident to be yourself, and show all the different sides of yourself without shame or condemnation, with your beloved, whether you are conservative or not.

The opposite of rigidity is that sexuality is something that is greatly misused in today's society, as we see it blasted all over the media and internet. Women are objectified in a way that is demeaning, and their worth is broken down into how beautiful their exterior body is, rather than who they are as a full package (spirit, soul and body). Because of this we have generations of women with incredibly low self-esteem, who hate themselves, and feel they are never worthy of being loved, and treated well.

To possess dignity is to be worthy of respect. Worthy of high esteem. Absorb this: you are worthy of respect.
— Beth Moore

Here at Phoenix Memories, we are unraveling the negative stereotypes and taboo of Boudoir and turning them around into something beautiful and meaningful.  We want each of our clients to understand how truly beautiful they are, no matter what size, shape or number on a scale.  EVERY woman is beautiful, and EVERY woman worthy of being treated with respect and dignity. Booking a Boudoir photo-session with us, has a way of changing the way women feel about themselves, and they end up experiencing more confidence afterwards, with a new sense of freedom to truly be themselves - to be comfortable in their own skin.

You can still embrace the paradigm of purity, and not compromise your values of integrity, by choosing to gift yourself or beloved with a Boudoir photo-shoot.  In fact, we can't tell you how many marriages and relationships have been impacted in a positive way through the creativity of private Boudoir.  It is not dirty, not demeaning in any way, but rather a celebration of your unique beauty and expression of your femininity.

Visit our website at www.phoenixmemories.net to find out more about us, and how you can feel confident that you are in the best hands, to embrace the beautiful YOU, in a creative format. It truly is life-changing.  Whether you want to do this for yourself or for your beloved, we are here to help unravel the negative stereotypes, and bring out the amazing, beautiful, WORTHY, YOU, in a classy way!!